Use in therapy

Physiotherapy for the 21st Century

Pain relief and supportive therapy. EMS training is also suitable for therapy. Even in antiquity, the ancient Greeks and Romans initiated the beginning for what was to becomes EMS therapy. Though today we no longer need the electric ray – instead we have the EMSformer. This means value for your patients.

Expand your range of services

If you are a passionate therapist and would like to better holistically guide your patients along the path to recovery – this is all possible with the EMSformer. And when it comes to rehab, as well as training the patients at the gym, it can also be done directly from the home. At your consultation or with the patient at home. As EMS is not just for sports and body styling – it can also be used for physiotherapy.

Studies have shown that: EMS supports muscle contractions. With electric muscle stimulation (EMS) the muscles are consciously addressed and activated by energy impulses. So can solve hardening and address muscular imbalance or false posture.

The EMS former simultaneously stimulates up to 14 pairs of muscles with 28 electrodes. Through the adjustment possibilities of frequency and impulse duration the treatment can be adapted to the individual and tailored to their goals.

We find a suitable solution for your specific requirements and gladly advise you.

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