Personal fitness trainer

One-on-One EMS-Training

If you are a personal trainer, always on the move, going from one customer to the next EMS makes personal training even more effective EMS stands for “electric muscle stimulation” Through which muscles are activated by energy impulses by which the body is tightened and toned. With the EMSformer up 28 electrodes simultaneously stimulate up to 14 pairs of muscles. Studies show that 20 minutes of EMS training has the same effect as several hours’ worth of conventional workout methods.

Efficient training

You choose the training programme with your customer: Muscle development and definition, aerobics, massage or freestyle. All of the programmes can be combined individually. Every customer can save their settings in the software. Thus the next training session can start straightaway without having to enter the information all over again. This allows for a comfortable training session for the customer, regardless of time or day or the gym’s timetable.

Our product brochure provides you with an introductory overview.

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At our EMS academy regular courses for private and commercial applicants take place. Instruction into the proper use of EMS technology is particularly important for us.

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