EMS training with up to 8 people

The fitness market is growing very quickly. What is even more import is keeping up with competition and offer innovative features such as EMS. With Ems training you convince in particular those customers, who have little time for sport, but would nevertheless would like to a rapid, visible improvement to their body. Very busy people among our consumers such as managers, bankers, board managers and managing directors among others, may not have much time but are ready to invest in their bodies.

Little personnel

1 coach + 1 EMSformer EMS device = up to 8 trainees. With little personnel input you can work much more economically and successfully. Therefore, every athlete gets his or her individual programme. Moreover, you can extend or supplement this by using your existing course offer.

Wireless training provides your customers with unrestricted freedom of movement. Not only in the gym, but also can be used outside. The saving function of the EMS module makes you independent of the basis equipment and makes training freedom possible. So you can use EMS training to expand and invest in popular courses (for example zumba, bums ‘n’ tums, boxing etc.).

That means motivation and fun in the group, as well as individual training potential. Muscle development, aerobics, massage or freestyle – or everything altogether. In a training session you can offer up to 5 individual programmes parallel to the EMSformer. So every athlete can purposefully shape and build their body.

Body forming with up to 28 body parts at the same time

To reach or exceed the training targets of your athletes, is the best mark of any gym. So the EMSformer supports you in this through its pre-installed training options. Up to 28 body parts can be exercised, each with their own training option. Therefore, it allows for muscle development training be linked with upper body training, aerobic training or bums ‘n’ tums training simultaneously and effortlessly. Several additional wristbands allow for further individuality.

Worn out pieces can be replaced individually.

Worn out pieces such as suits, underwear, electrodes, batteries and wiring harnesses can all be replaced individually. So of one electrode should be defective, it is not necessary to replace the whole suit. The extended durability reduces the cost.

Customer connectivity

Would your customer like their own suit? The supplementary order of our customer and gym suits is available at any time.

We support you in addressing new customers and for this we have put individual marketing packages together.

You can find all information here.