EMS Studios

Professional EMS access

The EMSformer is particularly appropriate for professional EMS beginners from regular gyms or micro gyms with a specialised EMS studio. With the EMSformer EMS device a coach can train several customers at the same time. Thus the initial costs are kept small. In addition, there is the possibility to extend the offer for up to 8 people.

Efficient, economical, and easy to use

Trainers and employees are relieved. In the system the complete management of documents including single cards, subscriptions and contracts can be carried out easily. In addition, individual notes to individual customers and a comprehensive performance review are possible. Thus no additional software is needed for administration. One backup saves all the data.

On our EMS gyms suits all of the electrodes can be removed individually and replaced easily. Thus it is not necessary to replace the entire suit. The software can be adapted to the individual needs and the most recent settings are kept with free updates. Moreover, we can guarantee a speedy supply of EMS equipment, such as the underwear or hygienic accessories.

Developed competitively

EMS technology is very in trend and is at the moment attracting and winning over many new customers and members. The broad spectrum of application areas allows the addressing of new target groups and will contribute to improving the competitiveness in the fitness and health market.

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