The EMS Software

The advantages

The EMSformer software can be used on several devices at the same time. Through the connection to the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, every customer can install the software onto their tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android. Through online synchronisation all previously saved data can be accessed at any time. Through automatic updates the software is always kept on its most recent settings. And without any additional cost.

Training with up to 8 people can be carried out any time. Here each person is entered individually. The frequencies, type and form of the training are installed individually as well as the muscle groups which can be exercised independently of one another. With a click, it is also possible to save the settings of the training. For each customer up to five different programmes can be saved and reopened during the next training session.

The interface of the software was made to be very easy and simple to use and easily adaptable to the user’s requirements. With a few clicks each area can be fulfilled easily. The main screen unites the most important points of navigation. In the system also customer data and the last training units can be stored alongside the training settings. This information can be altered through synchronisation.

By one click, the language can be altered at any time and the individual requirements adapted. Available languages are: German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian, Polish and Swedish. If necessary, a further language can be added within a short time.

On the basis of pre-existing 3D avatars can be saved and assembled alongside a single training session programme parameters. The avatar leads the exercises and repeats them in accordance with a previously chosen training period. At any time, a demonstration as given by the virtual coach can be taken if desired.

The software allows to set up individual units with for example up to 10 maps, subscriptions etc. The systems automatically recognises when the limit has been reached and offers the possibility to acquire a new unit. When applying for a subscription the system calculates when the subscription expires and will notify you accordingly. Furthermore, individual notes on single customers can be made.

Much important information such as the size of the EMS suit and so forth directly stored in our system. Beyond that further specific customer data can be uploaded, if it is considered to be important to the training. It can concern either the complaints or the wishes of the customer. Through the clicking of a customer, automatic evidence is submitted alongside the essential information.

The whole system can be synchronized at any time. Thus it is ensured that the user, in use of different devices always has the same information available. In addition, it is also possible to back up, so that no customer data is lost. Even if the equipment is lost the data is still saved on a server. Through the essential synchronisation after at the most 30 days, unauthorised persons can be barred from accessing the equipment after a theft.

The databank of existing customers allows the user, to save all important data of the customers. In addition, the management of the subscriptions and multiple maps also belong alongside the training units. External administration software is not necessary for this. Thus coaches and employees at the gym are relieved and costs are reduced.

The system automatically saves the accomplished training units. On a calendar it is graphically represented, when and which training the customer accomplished. Therefore, a continuous success control is possible. In accordance with this, the training plan can be adapted or corresponding adjustments undertaken if needed.