The EMSformer

Wireless and supportive up to 8 people can train

Activate up to 14 target muscle groups

The EMSformer facilitates an extensive scope of applications. In addition to building up the target muscles, there also is fat reduction, skin tightening, aerobic training, freestyle and massage settings available. So the target focus can be purposefully combined with one of our various sub-disciplines. In total, up to 14 muscle groups and 28 body parts can be separately trained.

So a high degree of individuality for trainer and trainee can be obtained. At the same time, it is possible for the principle to be introduced as part of a therapy-accompanying measure.

Purposeful use: Fitness, rehab or personal training

From fitness and bodybuilding to rehab, from stationary usage in a gym to mobile usage on-the-go or at home – the EMSformer EMS system can be adapted to your own individual needs.

Uncombined training with sophisticated technology

With the EMS module, an independent and wireless training can be assured. As soon as the reception area of the basis system will detach, the training at that exact point will resume at another chosen time. Therefore, it is possible to also train on journeys or outdoors. The system is powered then by a separate battery, which can be changed at any time if need be. With one battery charge up to 8-10 training units or physiotherapy settings can be carried out in up to 20-25 minutes each.

Strong security

The use of the emergency switch can be implemented at any time both in terms of software and on top of the module. Therefore, we would like to offer you, our customers, the highest degree of security possible. EMS training should be accomplished each time in moderation and adapted to the individual’s physical condition.

Very gladly we offer you personal solutions retrospectively and appropriate finance models.

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