Our EMS device

Summary of the EMSformer

The EMSformer allows for a common group training session with various programmes for every person at the same time. That means for each participant the frequencies, type of training and the desires muscle portions can be chosen individually. On the market this is unique!

Up to 14 muscle groups and 28 individual body parts can be addressed independently of one another with a simple press of the touchscreen. Each area can be stimulated separately, individually or simultaneously and then individually once more.

The software allows for up to 5 saves from individual setups. Valuable time is saved. Furthermore, settings in several languages are preinstalled. And their quantity is always being enlarged and improved. Synchronization also ensures that the same information is available on all Android and iOS devices. One backup saves all the data.
Thanks to a reliable, wireless connection the training area can be left. The receivers carry on working. So the training can be continued at any time. In terms of safety, both the module and the software can be turned off at any time by means of the emergency switch.

Exercises and training techniques can be visualised if desired by a 3D avatar. So the correct execution of a training task may be consulted at any time by means of a virtual coach. Through free updates the software remains on your latest settings.

The EMS system is operated by a separate battery. This can be replaced at any time if necessary. One loading of the battery allows for 8 to 10 training units to be carried out, each lasting up to approx. 20 minutes.

Both versions of our EMS suits are flexible and tear proof. In addition, the electrodes are individually removable in the gym suit. This facilitates a fast and smooth replacement process if necessary. A high degree of freedom of movement also ensures independence whilst training.

The software can be installed for free on many devices. Moreover, compatibility with iOS and Android devices such as tablets or smartphones is guaranteed. So you can train on journeys or outdoor.

All devices are synchronised; therefore, each device have the most recent data available to access at any time. The information and the preferences can therefore be accessed anywhere.

Over the system the management of documents, single tickets, subscriptions and contracts can be carried out easily. On these grounds additional management software is required. This reduces the costs and relieves the coaches and staff.

The system allows a continuous success control of the training units. As a result, the training can be controlled individually.