The EMS suits

Wireless freedom: Gym and customer suits for individual EMS training:

In our EMS suits, 14 pairs of electrodes are incorporated. With which up to 14 muscle groups, including 28 body parts can be simultaneously stimulated: Besides the classical groups of EMS muscles, additional electrodes can be used for example for calf and upper arm muscles.

Comfortably and flexibly

The ultra-thin wiring provides comfort and much freedom of movement during training. The light material adapts to the figure, but is nevertheless, especially around the backside, absolutely resistant to tearing.

Great price effectiveness

On the gym suit the electrodes can be removed individually. Thus it is not necessary to replace the whole suit. Even the wiring harness is completely replaceable. Furthermore, the upper and lower parts can be combined in different sizes.

In contrast, the one-piece customer suit is characterized by an increased lightness of the fabric and is therefore very smooth.

Easy start

The suit is already included in all versions of our product – the sizes of which you can select! We are happy to advise you on individual solutions! Send us an E-mail. The menu option users can be selected, to see which variants of the diverse requirements are suitable for you!