EMS products and solutions of EMSware

Train independently and individually

Over the following pages you will find an overview of our product and service portfolio.

All products will also be made available in our online shop

The EMSformer – Our EMS device

  • 21.5″ touchscreen
  • LEDs with various colour options
  • more adjustable monitor angles
  • flexible and robust
  • exchangeable components

     More information on the EMSformer

The EMS gym suit

  • comfortable, flexible, tear proof
  • electrodes can be removed individually
  • ultra-thin wiring
  • combinable for free
  • high degree of freedom of movement

     All included with the EMS gym suit

The EMSformer Tablet

  • flexible and robust
  • mobilely usable

     More information on the EMSformer Tablet

The EMS customer suit

  • silky and tear resistant
  • washable

     Further information on the EMS suits

Training underwear

  • light and functional
  • sizes from XS to XXL
  • up to 50 packages can be ordered

Accessories and equipment

  • Cleaning and hygiene accessories
  • Electrodes, wires, batteries etc.
  • single EMS suits

     Everything from accessories and equipment

Suitable software

  • compatible with all Android and iOS devices
  • applicable on several devices
  • in several languages and intuitive
  • free updates and back-up
  • synchronisation of data

     Everything on Software