The EMS academy

Professional EMS courses for private and commercial participants.

EMS training is one of the most modern training methods on the fitness and health market. But many people do not know that the principle behind EMS training has been around since antiquity and can be implemented in many forms of physiotherapy. The time-sparing muscle development training in unison with fat reduction in the past few years has become ever more popular with stressed managers, family groups, sports enthusiasts and even professional athletes.

The training is carried out by wearing an electrode vest, through which energy impulses are dispersed, triggering contractions. The simultaneous stimulation and contraction of several muscle groups across the body allows a short training time with an effective training fulfilment.

With EMS training the coach can train his customer through among other things intensive muscle development training, metabolic training or a preventive or rehab training etc. Due to the high demand of customers in the last few years a great number of EMS gyms have been opened. But the most important thing that many gyms lack is qualified staff who know how to operate EMS technology correctly. Of course the most important thing we see in a coach is, someone who has mastered the correct operation of EMS technology and can train the customers effectively and individually.

We would like to ensure that all of our customers use EMS technology responsibly and moderately. For this reason, we recommend that our customers enrol in training courses for commercial and private participants.

Basic and advanced courses take place across 2 days. Specific courses like EMS Back take place on 1 day. Alongside the theoretical part there is also a part on practical usage, which is to guarantee how to use EMS equipment safely and correctly. Training course documents, pens, drinks and fruit are all supplied by us. At all training courses EMS training clothing is necessary. Upon successful completion all participants receive a certificate of participation.

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