What is meant by the term EMS?

EMS training is an efficient body former with energy impulses. From which muscle contractions are released. Nowadays, EMS training ranks amongst the most effective training methods.

The areas of application are nevertheless diverse and can be implemented in tasks from skin tightening to muscle development to even rehabilitation therapy. The time-saving and joint-caring muscle development training, in unison with fat reduction in the past few years has become ever more popular with stressed managers, family groups, sports enthusiasts and even professional athletes. EMS training has already been long established in international top-level competitive sports organizations.

The energy sensitive electrodes implanted into the suit emit impulses, which are passed onto the muscles stimulating contractions (pulling the muscle together). Through the simultaneous stimulation of the body’s muscle groups, a training session of only 25 minutes is sufficient in order to obtain maximum efficiency and a quickly visible success in just a few weeks.

Every Hertz frequency has an effect on the body (low: metabolic training; high: muscle development; very low: massage). The EMS training is particularly recommended for beginners but always in the presence of a trainer. Meanwhile, many gyms and personal trainers offer courses on how to use the EMS equipment.

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