Use EMS responsibly and purposefully

Currently EMS, or Electromyostimulation, is enjoying increasing popularity. The principle of muscle activation and stimulation through energy impulses is being used more frequently in sport and healthcare. Its application can also be found in the disciplines of fitness, personal training and physiotherapy. Here EMS offers the capacity for muscle development, fat reduction, skin tightening and massage. In therapy the principle can be used to tackle induration, prevent or equalize imbalances or false posture.

Safety first

Appropriate and meaningful use of EMS technology is a must. Therefore we train our employees and customers by means of our EMS Academy. It is particularly important to us that our customers use EMS and our products and solutions appropriately and in a controlled environment. Then EMS is a meaningful and effective method. This is confirmed by the Employer’s Association of German Fitness & Health Facilities. We have reports and further studies proving this, gathered here for you.

Also in the context of our solutions we have taken precautions. Upon distribution, we instruct the customers on how to use the following equipment (EMS equipment, suit, software, accessories etc.). In addition, we offer specialised courses and training units given by qualified staff. The frequency of the EMSformer can be adapted at any time. The module and the software can be turned off at any time by means of the emergency switch. Moreover, a 3D avatar from then on tailors the exercise in accordance with your specification.

Everything at arm’s reach

We offer our customers the complete range of EMS services, including EMS equipment, suits, software, courses, training and services. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation, get into contact with us.