EMS Training with EMSware

The first EMS System, which is suited for group training with various programmes for every single person.

The EMS System

The advantages

Training with several people at the same time

The system allows for training with up to 8 people in the group Regardless of how many people are training, every user can do a different form of training, using different settings and different intensities.

Up to 14 muscle groups are energised.

Up to 14 muscle group, independently of one another, can exercised just through the simple push of a button. Every part of muscle is exercised individually, so that at the same time, several programmes can be activated on every muscle group. At the same time up to 5 programmes with individual settings can be saved and made accessible from any set.

Advantages of the EMSformer

EMSformer EMS Suits

Wireless freedom of movement

Comfortable and flexible suits

Comfortable and hygienic suits for training in the gym or private use with freely positioned, adjustable and replaceable electrodes in the gym suit. For personal singular use. For completely free and unrestricted movement and easily cleaned at any time.


The reliable wireless connection offers perfect freedom of movement. It allows any kind of training to be carried out and combined. Even when taken out of the reception range, the training can be continued further but with an adjusted quality. Understandably, the training and the impulses can be paused at any time by using the built-in off switch, even also when there is a failed connection. Our motto is safety first!

About the EMS suits

EMS Device

The EMSformer – Our EMS device Made in Germany

Performance data

Robust and easily transportable EMS equipment with a flexible connection cable, 21.5″ touchscreen, LEDs with various colour choices and adjustable monitor angles. Moreover, the single components are interchangeable. The whole system can be operated with batteries. This allows for completely new training possibilities and independence. In addition, there is the possibility, for example, to play your own promotional videos or pictures via the EMSformer.

Virtual coach

On demand the whole training can be led by a virtual coach. Thereby the avatar shows exercises, which can be carried out. In the exercise selection the individual programmes can be easily chosen and saved.

On the EMSformer

The EMSformer software

Overview: EMS products and EMSware services

EMSware offers an extensive range of services for efficient EMS training: EMS devices, suits, software, accessories, schooling, training and service. We stand for innovative technology in the electromyostimulation training sphere – Made in Germany

From electric rays to modern training methods

EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation or for electromyostimulation. With this you will come to expect a release of muscle contractions by energy impulses by wearing the electrode suits. Already well established, a similar principle in the form of discharges from electric rays was once used to treat epileptic fits.

Through electromyostimulation training it is possible to stimulate several muscle groups at the same time and for example thus promote muscle development or tighten up the skin. Moreover, EMS is used for metabolic training, for therapeutic prevention training or in rehab, as well as for competitive sports.

More information on EMS

Train with up to 8 people wirelessly and with individual settings

With the EMSformer train up to 14 muscle groups and 28 body parts. The wireless connection encourages freedom and independence during training. Moreover, several people can train with various programmes at the same time.

The virtual avatar leads the exercises. Apart from different statistics, the EMSformer also offers complete success control.

The battery is fast and easy to recharge. Also additional accessories can added at any time.

Among the diverse users of EMSformer are EMS gyms, regular gyms, mini gyms, physiotherapists, personal trainers and private users.

More information on the EMSformer

Hardly noticeable but effective

On offer for the customer and to gyms with the EMSformer are two variants of the EMS suit. In the gym suit all of the electrodes can be replaced individually so therefore complete replacement of the suit is not necessary.

The adapted cable wiring makes sure that the suit is very comfortable to wear and promotes freedom of movement during training. The light fabric of the customer suit stretches round your body and is tear resistant.

The suits are unisex, hygienic, individual and freely combinable. This enable training on the 14 muscle groups by dividing the person’s body into distinct sections. Apart from that, additional electrodes can be installed for example on the calf or upper arm muscles.

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Flexible, multilingual and intuitive

The EMSformer software can be used on various devices, for example on tablets or smartphones without any extra cost. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and offers a saving capacity for up to 5 individual programmes.

The online and offline synchronisation allows for unconnected and flexible training.

A further advantage comes in the form of its language selection, as well as its simple and intuitive operation and management.

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Responsible handling with the EMS technology

EMSware holds regular classes on the responsible handling of EMS technology for commercial and private applicants. Our request is it that the trainers, therapists and private users alike use the technology purposefully and responsibly.

Basic and advanced courses take place across 2 days. Specialised training courses on specific themes are completed in 1 day. In which we deal with both theoretical and practical content. The participants will receive an official certificate upon completing the course successfully. Course documents, fruit and beverages are all readily provided for by us.

Further information on the EMS courses